Road Crew 2019 and Twitch

As 2018 looms towards its end, the plans for 2019 are coming together. And that includes what we are planning for our Road Crew!

In particular, we would like to expand out what it means to be a member of the Road Crew. You guys have always done an amazing job of representing us at cons and stores and…well, everywhere! And we want everywhere to include the virtual world as well. So we are looking to expand options to make the Road Crew an option for folks who play games online, whether it be on Twitch or any other online medium.

The goal of the Road Crew is to offer games to new players and let them discover Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mutant Crawl Classics, Fifth Edition Fantasy, or any other Goodman product. So for online games we’d like to extend the same support that we show games run in a physical presence. The main criteria will be that you open up your online game to new players or you record your game and post it so others can see it. Basically, we want you to give others a chance to experience the fun you are having.

Obviously the swag we give out is physical, and we are talking about games on digital platforms, so we’re thinking about how we can support our online Road Crew. So we want your input—what do you want to see and how can we make your online games easier? What can we do to help you out? Is there any digital swag that you would like to see? 

And we mean it. We want to hear from the folks familiar with the digital RPG world. Shoot us an email and give us some ideas. We’ll take them all, discuss, and then distill down the ones we feel are best and try to use them for our 2019 Road Crew campaign. 

Let’s get the road into the virtual world started! Road Crew…boldly going where no man has gone—because you can’t actually GO there. It’s virtual. By definition it’s not real, so you can’t actually travel there. But still…let’s see what roads are there to discover. 


Author: pandabrett

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