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If you’re a fan of DCC RPG, you may recognize some of these names: Frank Frazetta. Jeff Easley. Sanjulian. Ken Kelly. Rich Corben. Alex Nino. Neal Adams. What do they all have in common? In the 1970’s at one time or another they worked for Warren Publishing, which produced the comic magazines Creepy and Eerie. These fantasy-horror comic magazines were ahead of their time, and shared a cultural overlap with some of the same influences that were affecting the evolution of D&D. They published comics—not prose and not gaming—but they oozed 1970’s monsters.

So why do we bring this up? Well, a new company called Warrant Publishing is reviving these 1970’s-style publications, starting with The Creeps. With 16 issues in print, The Creeps is off to a great start. Its contributors include—you guessed it—Frank Frazetta, Jeff Easley, Sanjulian, Ken Kelly, Rich Corben, Alex Nino, Neal Adams, and many others, through a combination of reprints and all-new material.

Goodman Games has brought in a limited supply of The Creeps magazine to our online store. Consider these to be “samples” for you to taste. If you like them, we encourage you to visit The Creeps web site and buy even more!

We’re not being paid to say this. We just like the magazine and we think you will too. Please note that The Creeps is not a gaming publication! The contents are short stories in a comic format, published at magazine size. But they consistently deal with fantasy, horror, and monster themes, and we think you find them inspirational for your games.

In our online store we have a limited supply of issues #3, #6, #10, #11 and #14. We picked out these issues in particular because they have great stories inside, and cover art by some folks you may recognize.

The Creeps #3 cover by Frank Frazetta

The Creeps #6 cover by Frank Frazetta

The Creeps #10 cover by Sanjulian

The Creeps #11 cover by Ken Kelly

The Creeps #14 cover by Jeff Easley (anyone else recognize that cover?)

Head on over to our online store and pick up some to read today. Enjoy!

Author: pandabrett

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