Two Con Recap!

We went to two—count them, two!—cons this past weekend! And a great time was had by all! Let’s take a brief, detailed look….

Louisville Supercon

Louisville Supercon was, well…SUPER! Hordes of Louisvillians and folk from other places were introduced to the epic glory of DCC RPG. Thankfully Dieter is high enough level that he gets two sales actions per round, and he was able to keep up with the demand!

PAX Unplugged 

Our doctor recommended that we get some rest and unplug for a few days. We might not have completely understood them. PAX Unplugged was a great show and Goodman Games brought the DCC/MCC action! Peasants became heroes, demons were vanquished, and one brave thief was not afraid to steal from all of them. Thanks very much to all of the organizers, enforcers, GM’s, and guests!

More cons to come, as always! Keep an eye on the calendar! 

And now, for the pics!

Author: pandabrett

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