Black Friday Sale 2018!

Save 40% on almost everything – and 20% on the rest! Read on for details!

Today is that infamous dark day when all consumers go insane! Black Friday! (Yeah, we know it’s Tuesday…what’s your point?)

Nonetheless, it’s our biggest sale of the year! Well, it’s really our only sale of the year, but who’s counting?

The sale is 40% off all Goodman Games books currently in stock, except leather bound items. That means you save 40% on DCC modules, all the variant covers, all our Fifth Edition Fantasy products, Into the Borderlands, Mutant Crawl Classics, Judges Guild, Metamorphosis Alpha, Xcrawl, and Age of Cthulhu. Plus the PDF editions of all those. Plus all the other book titles we forgot to mention!

And then everything else in our online store is 20% off. The “everything else” includes leather bound books, third-party DCC publications, specialty dice, appendix N reprints, and all the other accessories.

When you check out, just use one or ALL of these coupon codes (multiple codes are accepted):

• Code GGblackfriday2018 to save 40% on most Goodman Games items in our online store!

• Code 3PPblackfriday2018 to save 20% on most other product in our online store! 

• Code LEblackfriday2018 to save 20% on Limited Edition Goodman Games items in our online store!

Note: Original Adventures Reincarnated #2: The Isle of Dread is a pre-order and therefore not eligible for the discount code.

Author: pandabrett

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