Cheat Sheets for Leveling Up DCC Level 0’s

Everyone loves a funnel. A DCC funnel is the most popular adventure and, for many, the archetypal experience for playing Dungeon Crawl Classics

But what about afterwards? What do you do if you want to take that 0-level gongfarmer and advance her to a wizard? Or a cleric, or thief, or…whatever? Sometimes it’s a little daunting if you have no experience—pun possibly intended.

Enter Daniel Bishop and his new cheat sheets. With the blessing of our Dark Master, Mr. Bishop has put together a handy PDF to help guide players into making the transition from Halfling mariner to Halfling adventurer and all other aspects of advancing your character. The sheet shows all of the pertinent information for each class, letting you know the initial abilities, spells, skills…heck, even the titles! Each class gets a quick guide, and is a wonderful aid to help out players.

You can find Daniel’s blog, Raven Crowking’s Nest, right here. We encourage you to check it out!

And you can jump right to the PDF of the cheat sheet here. (There are alternate links on Raven Crowking’s Nest, if you have trouble with that one.)

Now go level up! There are higher levels awaiting, and running a DCC RPG full campaign is just as fun as the funnels.


Author: pandabrett

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