Into the Borderlands 3rd Printing Now In Stores

One of the biggest releases of the year has been Original Adventures Reincarnated: Into the Borderlands. Actually, it’s been a massive success. Enough so that we’ve had some trouble keeping up with your demand. Well, we’re happy to report it’s finally back in stock after being sold out for a brief while. The third printing is shipping to stores this week. 

For the handful who might be unfamiliar, Into the Borderlands is the first volume of the Original Adventures Reincarnated line, reprinting the original classic adventure modules published by TSR, B1: In Search of the Unknown and B2: The Keep on the Borderlands. The hefty hardcover collects both editions of the modules—the one from the boxed set and the one they published as a stand-alone—along with full D&D 5th Edition translations. (And the second book in the series, The Isle of Dread, will be out before you know it!)

If you tried to buy Into the Borderlands at a store recently (or if you ARE a store who couldn’t get it in stock recently), please accept our apologies. The fans love it and it keeps selling out—so what can we say? But it’s now back in stock at our warehouse and shipping out to distributors and stores as we speak.

This also means that Into the Borderlands is once more available on our web site, if you can’t find a store near you that is carrying it. And let’s not forget about the next book, either, The Isle of Dread. Now is the time to pre-order Isle of Dread and get a copy hot off the presses. Like we’ve said, it’s gonna be here before you know it, and we expect another rush of demand when it hits the shelves. So, if you enjoyed Into the Borderlands make sure to pre-order The Isle of Dread today!

Author: pandabrett

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