Pick of the Week Pics!

We know that people love Dungeon Crawl Classics. The amount of love is quite humbling, in fact. We are constantly blown away by the affection folks show for our role-playing game.

Case in point:

Spotted at Powell’s Book Store in Portland (which you should all visit if you haven’t!) was a staff endorsement for DCC RPG and other Goodman Games products! And not just that, but the staff picks rotate weekly—and the wording changes—which means this isn’t a single pick that was left up for a while, but something that was picked more than once. 

Now, let’s take this a step further. We’re thinking that this is a great opportunity for DCC fans to do a little guerrilla marketing. Does your local game store allow fans to post reviews in the stacks? If so, put up your own blurb for DCC RPG or MCC RPG or any Goodman product! Or ask the staff to do it for you! See about getting some local publicity for your favorite game.

Let the Powell’s approach inspire you, and please recommend DCC RPG in your local store! We want to see pics of what happens.


Author: pandabrett

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