It’s A Three Con Weekend!

Goodman Games isn’t going to a convention this weekend. We’re going to THREE conventions this weekend! We jumped right past that “two con weekend” malarky!

It’s one of those weekends where the options were just too good to narrow it down to a single show, so we’re going to attend three shows at the same time! How can we do it, you ask? Spellburn to the max, of course!

In the home state of role-playing games, Brett and Allyson will be on hand to man the booth at Gamehole Con! This fantastic little show in Madison, WI has a bevy of top names in attendance, and we’ll have some great deals at the booth as well. And if you missed out on the promotional DCC Monster Stat Cards we were giving out last month, you have a second chance. Shield of Faith Studios has printed up a new batch of them exclusively for Gamehole Con! Like the original promotion, you get one free card for every $50.00 spent at the booth—on any product! We will have a great selection of Shield of Faith Studios books at the booth to help you choose a good product, by the way!

Down in Richfield, OH, we’ll also be at Con on the Cob! Dieter will be on hand, manning a booth there, with a plethora of Goodman goodies for you to discover. The show describes itself as “A four-day celebration of games, art, freaks, and fun!” so you know there is bound to be a good time to be had. And you might even be able to convince Dieter to dress like a pirate. No promises, but…maybe.

And then up in Ypsilanti, MI Judge Brendan will on hand to run events at U-Con! One of his favorite shows, Brendan will have the full weekend of six DCC RPG games that he will be running throughout the show. And if you’ve ever played in one of Brendan’s games, you know that they are worth the effort to attend.

So it’s a great upper-mid-western arc of Goodman! Starting in Wisconsin, moving through Michigan, and all the way down into Ohio! We hope to see you guys at one of those shows—or maybe more for the truly adventurous!

What: Gamehole Con
When: Nov 8th – 11th
Where: Alliant Energy Center Exhibition Hall, Madison, WI

What: Con on the Cob
When: Nov 8th – 11th
Where: Days Inn & Suites, Richfield, OH

What: U-Con
When: Nov 9th – 11th
Where: Marriott Ann Arbor Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest, Ypsilanti, MI

See you this weekend!

Author: pandabrett

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