First 10 Road Crew Thakulon Runners Get a Special Prize!



Road Crew! Hail and well met! Today, we have a post aimed at you.


GMGGC18-GenConGuide-ExclusiveVersionHave you had a chance to read The Black Heart of Thakulon The Undying yet? That’s the adventure we ran as the Dungeon Crawl Classics 2017 Gen Con Team Tournament. A few days back, we ran a post about running it as a tournament and posting your scores to our online site. This is especially true for you, as a Road Crew member, since it is very beneficial. Why? Because running The Black Heart of Thakulon The Undying counts as THREE games for Road Crew purposes. There are three rounds to the tournament, and each round counts as a full game.

Oh, and one more thing: The first 10 Road Crew gamers to run the tournament and post their scores are going to get a special prize! What prize, you ask? Well, that would be telling, and for right now we’re keeping it a secret.

The first step is to get a copy of The Black Heart of Thakulon The UndyingOnce you’ve read the adventure and are ready to play, here are some resources for you to use:

• The Black Heart of Thakulon The Undying player pack! Every player about to enter the tournament should download this, select their pregen, familiarize themselves with the tournament format, and understand their spells.

• The tournament judges pack! WARNING: JUDGE’S EYES ONLY! For the first time ever, we are posting this essential resource publicly. Judges already have most of this information available to them in DCC: The Black Heart of Thakulon The Undying, and this pack provides some handy guidelines.

• Judges, make sure you photocopy the scoring materials starting on page 38 of The Black Heart of Thakulon The Undying so you can correctly record your scores! Or you can download the original scoring sheets that we used at Gen Con 2017. These are down-and-dirty, not quite as pretty as the published versions, but they’ll make it feel like a tournament.

• Judges, you’ll also want to download the Thakulon Scoring Sheet Excel file. At Gen Con, Judges enter the team scores into this spreadsheet and use it to evaluate the winners. The spreadsheet may make your life easier, too.

• Finally, once your game is complete, post your scores at our online tracker.

So go get a group together. Have some fun. And then report it back to us!

Ten spots fill up pretty quickly, after all….


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