D.O.U.S Kickstarter About To Roll Away!



Cue the music.

The Dice of Unusual Size Kickstarter has entered its final hours! You might have dice, but do you have ENOUGH dice? Of course the answer is no. No gamer has enough dice.

DOUS_2So it’s time to raid this lost archive of dice! An amazing selection of dice is available through the Kickstarter by Impact Miniatures. They’ve got dice of all sizes and shapes, which are perfect for games that use dice of all sizes and shapes. Like, say, Dungeon Crawl Classics! Or Mutant Crawl Classics!

You might say this is a temple of fun. Or a crusade that you don’t want to lose. …and we won’t reference that other one.

The D.O.U.S.—Dice of Unusual Size—Kickstarter is a creation of Impact Miniatures. Other than being a fan, Goodman Games is not a part of this campaign.

That said, you still want to go check out these great new dice! Get in on the ground floor, because that rumbling you’re hearing might be something large and spectacular rolling your way.

Head on over to the D.O.U.S.—Dice of Unusual Size—Kickstarter now!


Author: pandabrett

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