Run Your Thakulon Tournament and Post Your Scores!


It’s tournament time, the home edition!

At Gen Con 2017, a hoard of mad rabble entered our first DCC Team Tournament, The Black Heart of Thakulon The Undying, where most of them died an excruciating death. A handful survived, and though deranged by their journey they received the accolades of the gods and their True Names were inscribed upon the Gong of Doom. Late last year we posted a full account of that tournament, including the complete tournament scores. And now YOU can run your own Gen-Con-style DCC team tournament, and even tell us your scores!


The Black Heart of Thakulon The Undying is now available, and we’ve added some additional resources to facilitate tournament play at home! Buy the module, read the adventure, and get your team ready to go. And then post your scores! The inside cover of DCC: The Black Heart of Thakulon includes a link where you can report the results of your team games. We’ll be compiling these scores and who knows, we might even publish the results and award a prize or two!

Once you’ve read the adventure and are ready to play, here are some resources for you to use:

The Black Heart of Thakulon The Undying player pack! Every player about to enter the tournament should download this, select their pregen, familiarize themselves with the tournament format, and understand their spells.

The tournament judges pack! WARNING: JUDGE’S EYES ONLY! For the first time ever, we are posting this essential resource publicly. Judges already have most of this information available to them in DCC: The Black Heart of Thakulon The Undying, and this pack provides some handy guidelines.

• Judges, make sure you photocopy the scoring materials starting on page 38 of The Black Heart of Thakulon The Undying so you can correctly record your scores! Or you can download the original scoring sheets that we used at Gen Con 2017. These are down-and-dirty, not quite as pretty as the published versions, but they’ll make it feel like a tournament!

• Judges, you’ll also want to download the Thakulon Scoring Sheet Excel file. At Gen Con, Judges enter the team scores into this spreadsheet and use it to evaluate the winners. The spreadsheet may make your life easier, too!

• Finally, once your game is complete, post your scores at our online tracker! We can’t wait to see them!

Tournaments are a ton of fun, and now we’ve given you a wealth of tools to help run one of your own. Have fun. Run some adventures. Heck, you might even want to rent a gong or something. It’s all up to you.


Author: pandabrett

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