Free DCC Monster-Stat Cards With Purchase of Any Third-Party DCC Publication!


It’s October, and we’ve got a scary-good promotion for you. While supplies last, customers can get a physically printed card with stats for a new monster from the DCC Deck of Twisted Terrors sourcebook as a free bonus! These promotional cards are only available with purchases of DCC third-party items from the Goodman Games online store, and they are only available while supplies last. What are the limitations? It’s simple: Purchase of any third-party product qualifies!

MSC_FrontBackLet’s talk about the cards themselves! These cards come courtesy of Shield of Faith Studios, and are from their DCC Deck of Twisted Terrors sourcebook. Each card has an illustration on the front, and a full write up of said beast on the back. It’s a great way to check out the creatures that dwell in the lands of The Umerica Survival Guide and the rest of the Crawling Under a Broken Moon setting! Which is more dangerous than you might think, because they say “forewarned is forearmed,” but in Umerica many monsters have a slew of forearms ready to reach out and seize an unwary wanderer. The only thing better than the hard won knowledge of the horrors of the wastes is FREE knowledge with any third-party purchase!

We’re going to say it again: for a limited time, any purchase of a third-party product from the Goodman Games online store will glean you one or more Deck of Twisted Terrors Promo Cards ABSOLUTELY FREE! You’ll get one monster card for every $50 you spend. We will strive to make them different, so a purchase of $150 or more gets all three cards. While these cards are designed to mesh perfectly with the DCC Deck of Twisted Terrors by Shield of Faith Studios, the monsters on these cards can be easily be ported into your own Dungeon Crawl Classics or Mutant Crawl Classics campaign.

And if you are wondering about some of our best-selling Third-Party products, a while back we posted an article about that very subject.

So, navigate over to the Goodman Games online store and throw your cash at the screen to score some Deck of Twisted Terrors Promo Cards before they become scarcer then an All Beef Patty at your local O’Burger joint.

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