Announcing Fifth Edition Fantasy for the Brazilian Market!


Goodman Games is very excited to announce a partnership with Brazilian publisher Sagen Editora to translate our Fifth Edition Fantasy modules into Portuguese for the Brazilian market! Sagen Editora will bring our Fifth Edition Fantasy adventures to Brazilian customers with the same high standards that we have demonstrated in the US market.

To quote from their press release:

RPG lovers from Brazil now have an even bigger adventure arsenal at a dice roll distance! Goodman Games announces a new partnership that expands publications to reach gamers around the world, universalizing adventures that will now reach the dices that will roll there in Brazil. The Brazilian Publisher, Sagen Editora, begins its activities publishing Fifth Edition Fantasy, imported directly from Goodman Games’ collection, putting into practice the mission of delivering acclaimed classics and international innovations publications to the Brazilian public. It’s a new wrought bond so Brazilian players can share stories, experience unique moments and exciting adventures with quality guaranteed by Goodman Games.

We encourage our Brazilian fans to reach out to Sagen Editora and shout your support! You can reach them on Facebook and Instagram, as well as their web site!




Author: pandabrett

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