A Visit to the Warehouse


Goodman Games ships a lot of product. We reach our customers through many channels including retail stores and hobby distribution, as well as our web site. Many of you know Keith, the Desert Yeti who ships our online orders.

What you may not know is that we have a separate shipping facility that handles all of our high-volume shipments to distributors. These ship out of a facility in Fort Wayne, IN managed by one of the industry’s elite fulfillment companies, Impressions. Impressions is also well known for being the organizer of Free RPG Day!

Some of the crew recently visited the Impressions warehouse and we thought you might enjoy seeing the photos! And you know what a warehouse visit means, right? Warehouse finds! That’s right, we found some real gems tucked away out of sight. In the next couple weeks we’ll post some of these limited-availability items for sale right here on our site.

In the meantime, enjoy this visual recap of the Impressions facility!


At The Dock

At the loading dock for Impressions. About to enter the belly of the beast! Left to right: Brendan LaSalle, Joseph Goodman, Brett Brooks, Doug Griffith, and Aldo Ghiozzi. If you’ve visited us at a con, you already know The Dark Master, Brendan and Brett. Doug Griffith (not to be confused with Doug Kovacs) has been shipping our distributor orders for more than a decade. Aldo Ghiozzi handles our sales to distribution channels.


The Stacks

The Dark Master showing off some Goodman Games titles amidst the many pallets of RPG books!



It’s a treasure trove of Goodman Games titles!


Treasure Chests

More Goodman Games pallets ready for pick-and-pack, including some pre-assembled Treasure Chests which are only available in retail stores!



Brendan finds an ample supply of some of his own modules in the pick module. (Plus a forklift!)



Brett combs the MCC section looking for a mutant forklift to call his own. He didn’t find one, but he did find the modules he needed!


Shipping Desk

The shipping desk represents with a DCC Blacklight Poster!


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