Retailers: Free Quick Start Rules and Swag!


Goodman Games recently attended the Alliance Open House, prior to that we were at GAMA Trade Show and the ACD Games Day, where we had lots of great conversations with retailers. There is a ton of buzz around DCC and many retailers were wondering about how to continue to build their support in their local stores.

We can help with that.

We are happy to now offer free DCC Quick Start Rules and starter swag to retailers! This offer is only available to established retailers. Any retail establishment is accepted, and you must enter a valid shipping address for your store. With each order we will ship out 6 copies of the DCC Quick Start Rules plus bookmarks.

This is just a quick start (see what we did there?) for this program. We will expand on the offerings and selection in 2019, with a specialty section just for retailers on our store.

In the meantime, please email us with any feedback and anything else we can do to help you. Goodman Games is focused on bringing the gaming experience to all of our fans, and we know the best way to do that is through the FLGS near you.

Retailers! Get Your QSR and Swag Here!


Author: pandabrett

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