Borderlands At The Border


OAROrrMany of you are familiar with our Original Adventures Reincarnated line. The first release, Into the Borderlands, took the gaming scene by storm. And if you were paying close attention, you probably were amazed by the complete and total lack of typographic editors! This is thanks to editor wunderkind Tim Wadzinski. Tim has also coined our team slogan for the OAR series, “Row! Row! Row!” That’s what we chant whenever we are rushing OAR to a deadline. You can see Tim (and lead designer Chris Doyle) in our “What’s New With Goodman Games” video from this year’s Gen Con, where we (coincidentally) announced the second volume in the series, The Isle of Dread.

And Tim also has a great sense of humor.

BorderBorderlandOn a recent road trip, he had a chance to show off his copy of OAR: Into the Borderlands in, of all places, Orr, Minnesota. And also when he paid a visit to the border between the USA and Canada. Yes, that’s right, fans, here are photos of OAR in Orr, and Into the Borderlands at the borderland.

Gaming is supposed to be fun. And puns are fun, right?



Author: pandabrett

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