The Skull Will Return for Issue #3 And Beyond!


Rejoice, mortals! I have heard your pleas, and in my infinite mercy I have decided to grant them! I shall return to bring you more Tales From the Magician’s Skull! The planets shall reach their appointed places upon October 31st, and then more details will be revealed.

For now, know this – my minions have already scoured the earthly realm and returned with more grand tales alive with bold deeds, horrific danger, and lands alive with wonder. Soon it shall greatly please me to share them with you!

Go forth, and tell all you meet of what I have achieved so far! Spread word of my deeds, and of the tales I have brought you. Tell all that more shall be yours, if they but join me in this endeavor!

And so it is now known: Tales From the Magician’s Skull will continue! The editorial minions are hard at work on issue #3 as you read this, preparing the best classic-style sword-and-sorcery fiction we can muster.

If you are wondering how to get ahold of the third issue, do not fear! Like the first two issues, the third one will be available wherever Goodman Games products are sold. And to let you in on a secret…there will eventually be a subscription option.

The reception to the first two issues has been terrific! Thank you for all the support and kind words! We look forward to seeing issue #3 in 2019!

And be sure to check out the first two issues, now on sale everywhere!

Author: pandabrett

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