Gen Con Announcements: Round Two!


Gen Con 2018 was amazing. We had the “What’s New With Goodman Games” seminar, the Gen Con 2018 DCC Team Tournament went great, hundreds…no, THOUSANDS of fans came by the booth to see us. The love for Goodman, and our love for you, was all over the show.

Those of you who attended the seminar heard a lot of great news, and yesterday we told you a bit about what we said at it, but for those who didn’t make it to the “What’s New” panel here is another important announcement!

Many of you enjoy our Fifth Edition Fantasy line, and know that for years Goodman Games has offered free print+PDF purchases for every module in that line. While we’re not the first publisher to do this, we’re the first to do in a retailer-friendly way through mass distribution channels. Each Fifth Edition Fantasy module includes a printed coupon code, which allows the purchaser to download a PDF copy for free. This works whether the print copy is purchased in a brick-and-mortar game store or online or at a convention. Anyplace you get a physical copy, you will also get a digital one. We continue to support retailers and are proud to be the publisher who has pioneered a print+PDF distribution model that is fair to retailers.

We’re excited to announce that we will now be rolling out this model to include most of our other products. Most Goodman Games products will now include a printed coupon code on the title page, with instructions on how to download the accompanying PDF edition. This began with DCC #97: The Queen of Elfland’s Son and will continue through future releases.

There are some exceptions. We wish we could do it for everything, but that’s unfortunately not possible. We publish certain products under license, and not all licenses allow for this approach, so some licensed products will be excluded. Also please note that this does not apply to previously released titles and backstock, only current and new titles that contain the coupon code.

It’s a huge step forward. We want all of our customers to be able to enjoy our products on every level, be it print or digital—or in this case, both. And it’s also very important that we did it in a way that was retailer friendly. The FLGS is the backbone of our community. It is the gathering place for fans and the first line of discovering and playing new games of every kind.

So let’s get physical…and digital!


Author: pandabrett

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