Gen Con 2018: Riders on the Phlogiston, Day 3 Results – Meet The Finalists!

Gen Con 2018. Day Three is finished, and we have finalists.

The results from round 2 are in and the Lords of Sarcasm, ESWM along with the Hammertoes will be advancing! The Goat Men are the alternates in case one of the top two teams cannot make it. Alternate teams have to show up in order to be able to take a spot. Tickets for teams advancing to round 3 are not required.

Like rounds 1 and 2, we will be starting promptly at 10 minutes after the hour at the ring of the gong. You cannot add or substitute new players between rounds – if you have players that cannot make it, you may elect to proceed without them, but teams have to have a minimum of two players to play. Also, scores will reset between rounds, so all the teams playing in the next round will start out with the same points.

Rank Team Score Round 3
1 Lords of Sarcasm, ESWM 6159 x
2 Hammertoes 5245 x
3 The Goat Men 3145 Alt
4 Vice Squad 2272

Thank you for an amazing round 2! All the teams did fantastic and made for a wonderful experience.

Here’s the Player List for our happy finalists!

Lords of Sarcasm, ESWM – Round 3 Qualifier

  • David York
  • Fred Daily
  • Nate Garth
  • Jason Riddell
  • Ken Burnette
  • Patrick Biddix

Hammertoes – Round 3 Qualifier

  • Rob Swanson
  • Martin Buinicki
  • Jack Buinicki
  • Will Buinicki
  • Hayden Hodge
  • Lance Hodge

The Goat Men – Round 3 Alternates

  • Chris Page
  • Mike Mullins
  • Gord Lyle
  • Nick Cassidy
  • Craig Lewin
  • Phillip Robineth

Tomorrow is the end! Who will Ride the Phlogiston to the end, and who will drown in the attempt? Tune in tomorrow for the details!

Gen Con 2018…continues!

Author: pandabrett

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