Gen Con 2018: Riders on the Phlogiston, Day 1 Results

GenConPhlogostinGen Con 2018. Day one is in the bag.

We’ve had a slew of competitors come through the meat grinder that is The Riders of the Phlogiston, and some even made it out alive! A huge thanks to all of the Judges and players that helped to make the first day of the event a huge success. Fun was had. A gong was rung. And one team is on top heading into day two.

Here’s the current standings:

  1. The Hammertoes: 3235
  2. The Goat Men: 1484
  3. Vice Squad: 892
  4. 50′ of Misanthropes: 125
  5. Dynamic Duo: -99
  6. Crypt-Kicker Six: -300
  7. The Banishers: -550
  8. Team Chaos: -2100
  9. Death is for Loserz: -2150

Tomorrow, ten more teams pit themselves against the might of The Riders of the Phlogiston. Who will come out on top? Only time can truly answer that question, and we’ll be sure to pass it along as soon as time lets us know.

Gen Con 2018…continues.

Author: pandabrett

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