Gen Con 2018: New Releases, Round Seven

Round seven is the finale! The final reveal before the big event itself. We’re willing to take a roll on this one, and we think you might, too.

That’s right, we’ve got dice! Four dice sets will be showing up at Gen Con, two old friends and two brand new sets will be at the Goodman Games table, waiting for you. And even the old friends are showing up with a new look.

These sets are in VERY limited quantities. More will be arriving later in the year, but we’ve secured a small number for sale at the booth. We expect them to disappear on the first day, so don’t delay if you wan’t to grab a set for yourself.

Now, let’s see what they are about!

Farrah’s Fantastic Fragments

Like a reflection of the magical spells she casts, Farrah’s Fantasic Fragments glitter with silver sparkle. A full set of dice with all the glamour we could manage to fit into such a small package. Click the image to see them in all their glory!

Marvels of the Mustachioed Magician

We aren’t going to reveal the secrets of this man, and his dice swirl with the same mysterious mystic might. What might you hope to reveal with these deep red dice with their hint of another color inside? We aren’t telling, but the dice may reveal everything to you themselves. Click the image to see what they unveil!

Shanna’s Weird Dice

Back in black, and ready to kick afro! A “reprint” of an older set, the new version of the Shanna dice set comes with a gorgeous new illustration on the front label—and perhaps something new on the back as well?

Hugh’s Weird Dice

Slashing his way back into the fold is a new “printing” on Hugh’s Weird Dice. The bellbottomed barbarian battles it out with his lucky dice that you can share, all inside a tube with a new illustration of our archetypal warrior.

And with that, we close out all of our new releases for Gen Con 2018! The only thing left at this point is for you to come by and grab the goodies for yourself. We hope to see you at booth #115 this weekend!


Author: pandabrett

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