Last Chance for Trapsylvania!


The trolls are waiting. Both Grimtooth and his sister Grimtina are calmly, patiently waiting for you to show your devotion and pledge to the Kickstarter campaign to fund the new Grimtooth’s Trapsylvania Sourcebook.

But their patience is running out—and so is your time.

The Trapsylvania Kickstarter ends this Tuesday. Which means that you only have hours left to get in on this campaign and get your copy of the Grimtooth’s Trapsylvania Sourcebook. It will be available in print (softcover or hardcover) and electronic (PDF) format. It is fully illustrated, with color cover and B/W interior art.

And this is also your ONLY chance to get ahold of the long-lost eighth Grimtooth book, Grimtooth’s Lair. Grimtooth’s Lair is only going to be available as a print product, and it will not be available after the campaign ends. So if you are wanting the reprint on this previously-thought-lost book, this is your chance!

So don’t delay! Pledge your support now and get this brand-new Grimtooth’s Trapsylvania Sourcebook, along with your chance to get the nigh-forgotten Grimtooth’s Lair while you can!

Head on over to Kickstarter today!

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Author: pandabrett

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