Vote For Your Favorite Gen Con Tee!

It’s election time! We want YOU to let us know that we are bringing the right shirt!

Gen Con is right around the corner, and as usual we’ll have brand new T-shirts, this year featuring the fabulous Deadly Hands of Dungeon Crawl Classics designs by Stefan Poag! And we want to make sure we have enough for everybody! Vote for your favorite design and tell us your size so we can get the perfect mix!

This is NOT a pre-order system, you don’t have to pay, and there is no “reservation” created, we just want you to tell us your preferences so we can use that as one more data point to place our orders. It’s your chance to make sure that we don’t sell out of the design you were wanting, in your size, before you have a chance to get to the booth.

Vote by Friday, July 13th to have your vote count!



Author: pandabrett

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