Help Wanted: Tournament Judge for Gen Con!


Attention Road Crew! Your nation needs you!

The nation of Dungeon Crawl Classics, that is! We need a top-notch judge to step up and run the toughest dungeon in the world—The Gen Con 2018 DCC Team Tournament! Last year saw the inaugural return of the DCC Open Tournament to Gen Con, and it was truly epic. This year we are returning with an all-new killer adventure designed by Harley Stroh, and more than double the size of last year’s event.

I-Want-You-To-Run-Gen-Con-Games-WidgetWe have one remaining opening in the judging ranks to run games on Thursday and Friday of the convention. The ideal candidate would not only have have an abundance of experience running Rules-As-Written (RAW) DCC RPG, but also have demonstrated flexibility in the type of games and systems you can judge. You are responsible for getting to Gen Con, but we’ll cover your badge and provide a housing allowance to offset some of the hotel costs, provided you meet the requirements.

The tournament is more than just a dungeon—you’ll have to sign an NDA agreeing to keep the adventure confidential, run at least one playtest prior to the con, and participate in judges meetings leading up the event. In return you will join an elite cadre of fellow judges and have the experience of a lifetime. Here’s a link to last year’s results so you know what we’re talking about. If interested, email immediately! Please include a short summary of your qualifications and availability during the days listed above.

Gen Con 2018 is coming! We hope to see you there!



Author: pandabrett

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