MCC RPG First Printing Sold Out!


We’re beginning to think that you folks like us. A lot.

MCC Elephant ThingFollowing up on the tremendous success of Into the Borderlands, the sales on Mutant Crawl Classics have been amazing. After only releasing last week, the first printing on MCC is already sold out from Goodman Games. That isn’t to say that you might not be able to find some copies, as distribution and stores might well have some in stock, but we have run out at our distribution warehouse. We have some still for online orders, but that is a limited supply and we don’t know how long it is going to hold out.

And yes, we have a new printing already on the way! The second printing of Mutant Crawl Classics is expected to get here sometime around late July. So keep your mutations in check until then, and afterwards you can glowburn your way to glory!

Thank you again for the humbling support. All we can do is bow our heads in sincere appreciation of the love that you have shown all of us here at Goodman Games. We want to reciprocate those feelings with more new, dynamic product, and promise to keep up our end to the best of our ability!

Look for the new printing of Mutant Crawl Classics in July!


Author: pandabrett

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