Into the Borderlands: 2nd Printing Almost Gone, 3rd Printing Coming!


To say that we are awed by your love of the book is an understatement. The second printing of Into the Borderlands is all-but-gone from our warehouse, and will be unavailable from us before we can blink. Clearly, we need to order bigger numbers of this book! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

The third printing of Into the Borderlands has been ordered, and will arrive in our warehouses in mid-July. If you have placed an online order for Into the Borderlands, all orders placed on or before June 8th will definitely be filled, and we will do our best to get as many past that filled out as well. Note though, that any order after June 8th is not guaranteed to be filled with the second printing, and all orders right now are going to back-order on our site.

If you are looking for it at your FLGS, keep your head high! Many distributors and stores still have some in stock, and you might well be able to find a copy on hand. Check out Retailer Locator for the store nearest you. Or you can check the retailer locator service at the Free RPG Day site, so you can double up on Into the Borderlands and Free RPG Day fun this Saturday!

Thank you again! Into the Borderlands has been a huge success. And it doesn’t just end with this book. We will have news on the second volume of Original Adventures Reincarnated soon!


Author: pandabrett

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