Free RPG Day is This Coming Saturday!


Five days. That’s all you have to wait until the biggest role-playing day of the year, because this Saturday, June 16th is Free RPG Day!

Stores around the world will be hosting a special day to celebrate role-playing games and all of the entertainment that they can bring to friends and families everywhere. And many stores have signed up to run Dungeon Crawl Classics events using the Quick Start Rules that are being given away as one of our two free specials that release that day. Or you can run a Fifth Edition Fantasy event. Anything that ties into Goodman Games and helps to promote role-playing. That’s what the day is all about!

Our friends over at Sanctum Secorum have gone that extra mile and made up a very cool poster showing all of the cities running DCC events on Free RPG Day, and we’re sharing it with you here. And it’s not too late to get your event listed. Contact the folks at Sanctum Secorum and tell them that you want to be represented. Share the details on your event and let the world know that you not only support DCC but role-playing as the greatest hobby in the world!

Plus, Sanctum Secorum has a LOT of stores listed that are looking for Judges to step up and run events for them. Be a part of the Road Crew! Show your love for DCC! Run an event and get yourself a FREE DCC PENNY TRAY! It’s the only way to get one!

We look forward to hearing your stories of dice rolling and great deeds from this coming Saturday, Free RPG Day!

2018 FRPG Day Poster - Final


Author: pandabrett

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