Get Your Brick-and-Mortar Exclusives on Free RPG Day!


We may have already mentioned this (and will again!), but Free RPG Day is Saturday June 16. This is the biggest day for role-playing games of the year, and it’s one that we have been behind since its inception—especially when you consider that Goodman Games came up with the idea. It’s your chance to visit a brick-and-mortar store to get these freebies. The fun doesn’t stop there, though.

Did you know there are some Goodman Games items that can ONLY be purchased in stores? That’s right, we have always supported retailers and we continue to offer items that can’t be purchased in our online store! These are special releases that can only be picked up at an online store! It’s important to TELL THE STORE IN ADVANCE if you’d like to get one of these items! Make sure they know to order from their distributor to have it ready for you on Free RPG Day!

What items are we talking about? Glad you asked.


DCC #92.5: Dread on Demon Crown Hill

Long ago, Frygorix of the Thousand Lies, a foul demon, ruled with fear from atop a lonely tor, spreading death and plague across the land. Two brave siblings, one bearing an enchanted shield of great power, challenged the demon, vowing to slay it and free the land. In their climactic battle, black towers of six-sided stone arose from the hilltop, an eerie outcropping called the Demon Crown by some. Stories hold that the shield lies untouched within the Demon Crown, but who knows what else might dwell within those weird, dark pillars of unearthly rock?

Writer: Michael Curtis
Cover Art and Cartography: Doug Kovacs


The Goodman Games Treasure Chests

There are 2 treasure chests currently available, each offering a huge stack of modules at 50% off (or more!). One for Fifth Edition Fantasy, and one for Metamorphosis Alpha, each featuring an assortment of several items at great savings—in a custom-painted reusable box!

The Fifth Edition Fantasy Treasure Chest contains the first ten releases in the series. That would be FEF1: Glitterdoom, FEF2: The Fey Sisters’ Fate, FEF3: The Pillars of Pelagia, FEF4: War-Lock, FEF5: Into the Dragon’s Maw, FEF6: Raiders of the Lost Oasis, FEF7: Fantastic Encounters, FEF8: Eye of the Leviathan, FEF9: The Fallen Temple, and FEF10: The Castle in the Sky.

The Metamorphosis Alpha Treasure Chest has everything you need to start playing! It has the Metamorphosis Alpha Collector’s Edition, MA GM Screen, The Captain’s Table, The Level of the Lost, Death Ziggurat in Zero-G, Warden Adventures, What are the Prisoners of Rec-Loc-119?, Creatures and Gadgets, The Mutation Manual, The Warden Armory, The Long Hard Mile, Book of Handouts, and Robots Among Us.

Both Treasure Chests and DCC #92.5: Dread on Demon Crown Hill are ONLY AVAILABLE IN STORES. So if you want one, you know where to look. (And if you don’t, might I suggest our Retail Locator?) And might we further recommend that you stop by and visit them on Saturday, June 16th. That’s Free RPG Day, after all.


Author: pandabrett

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