DCC Adventure “Greenwood of the Fey Sovereign” Now on Sale!


There’s a war brewing, and congratulations, you’re stuck in the middle of it!

FeySovHandoutGreenwood of the Fey Sovereign is the new adventure module from Studio 9 Games that pits the country of Nance against the Fey Kingdom, and the chaos that is sure to result. And as someone living on the cusp of both lands, you are not only sure to be involved, but you also get to decide whose side you’re on! Writer/artist C. Aaron Kreader has put together this low-level adventure that spans a series of strange and otherworldly encounters with the magical and surreal denizens of Greenwood. The book includes a number of visual puzzles, and includes hand-outs you can copy to help the players solve these riddles.

On top of the adventure, the folks at Studio 9 Games have also written up a new character class for you to enjoy: The Wild Elf.

So hop on over to our Online Store and check out Greenwood of the Fey Sovereign today!

Cover_GreenWoodFinalsmlGreenwood of the Fey Sovereign

Written by: C. Aaron Kreader
Art by: C. Aaron Kreader
Editing by: Thorin Thompson, Heidi Parsons, Daniel J. Bishop, and Lisa Blecker

This is a 20-page, stand-alone adventure. It is not setting specific and can be placed near any ancient woodlands.

Author: pandabrett

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