ACD Games Day Recap

ACD Games Recap

Goodman Games is a huge supporter of local game stores, and we make sure to visit with them every chance we get. This past week we attended the ACD Games Day to do just that!

ACD is a great distribution partner who we love to work with, and it was a lot of fun to spend time in their facilities meeting the retailers they support. Although gamers aren’t invited to this industry-only event, the average gamer certainly benefits when their retailer is able get the Goodman experience first-hand!

We’d like to thank ACD for being awesome hosts and giving us a chance to interact with retailers and show them the joys of Dungeon Crawl Classics and all things Goodman! (Especially the retailer who got a chance to learn exactly what a Patron was the hard way—when he suddenly had to carve an extra eye into his forehead. The character that is, not the retailer….) And a huge thanks to Road Crew member Tim Krause for helping out at the show!

We look forward to heading back to the ACD Games Day show next year!


Author: pandabrett

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