New Judge’s Screen Now Available!


We said we would get it to you in June. We lied.

PlayerMiddleThe new, third printing of the Dungeon Crawl Classics Judge’s Screen is now available! This new printing of the screen features a fabulous mural by Doug Kovacs on the back, along with some tables that are perfect for the player to use. It’s multi-tasking! The Judge-side of the screen still has some of the most useful tables from the DCC Core Rulebook, and also serves the important role of hiding those things the Judge wants to keep secret.

All of the pre-orders for the new printing of the screen have now shipped, and it is available for standard order today!

And if you are a part of the Road Crew, don’t forget that you can qualify to get the exclusive DCC Road Crew screen after running only two events! And did we mention that version of the screen is FREE? Yeah, you know you want it.

Head on over to our Online Store to pick up your new printing of the DCC Judge’s Screen!

Now let’s take a look at some pics of the new screen so we can all enjoy it in it’s chart-y greatness!


Author: pandabrett

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