New DCC Anthro Sourcebook In The Online Store


IggyLions and tigers and bears. Oh, sure, that’s fine.

Things are going wild in the world of Dungeon Crawl Classics. Very wild.

Pandahead Publishing, the people who originally published Xcrawl, are now teaming once more with Goodman Games to produce the new source-series, Primal Tales. This new series is designed to give players and Judges a way to incorporate anthropomorphic characters into their Dungeon Crawl Classics campaign. And it is now available in our Online Store!

Here’s some highlights from the first issue:

  • Character creation guidelines
  • Three new character classes
  • A new Patron: Lamia, Patron of a Mother’s Nightmare
  • New Monsters
  • And much more!

This is the first issue in what Pandahead is calling their source-series, which they describe as something between a zine and a sourcebook. We’re told to expect more issues this summer. You can get the first issue right now in our online store!

PrimalTales1Primal Tales #1

Written by: Brendan LaSalle and Brett Brooks
Cover Art by: Dean Kotz and Jarrod Alberich
Interior Art by: Guoh, Amber Harris, Dean Kotz, and Bradley K. McDevitt

This is an 8.5 x 11 perfect-bound softcover book with 38 pages

Author: pandabrett

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