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FEF13Cover900Do you know about our Fifth Edition Fantasy line? It’s our great series of adventure modules for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition, done in a format reminiscent of the old-school D&D adventures. (How could we NOT do a touch of old school?) There are a total of eleven currently available, with two more heading your way this June. (And—here’s a secret—more are coming later this year…shhhh…) You probably did know about them. It’s not like we hide them or anything. We can’t help it, we just like to keep folks informed. Like certain facts about them….

Did you know all Fifth Edition Fantasy books are print + PDF?

It’s true. Every print copy of any of our Fifth Edition Fantasy line comes with a FREE PDF copy to go along with it. It doesn’t matter if you buy the print edition from our online store or at your FLGS, you get a FREE PDF copy of the book no matter where you buy the print edition.

FEF12Cover900If your local retailer doesn’t know this, make sure they do! It’s a great selling point for them, knowing that their customers will be able to have a copy in hand and electronically. In the interior of every Fifth Edition Fantasy module is a unique code, customized for that particular copy, that allows buyers to download a FREE PDF to go with the print copy. Your local retailer doesn’t need to do any extra work—they just have to provide you with the print module to buy! And you as a consumer can then use that code to download the PDF. And if you own a copy of a Fifth Edition Fantasy module, but haven’t picked up your FREE PDF, make sure you grab it!

Print + PDF = a great deal. Two versions for one price. Old school print and new school electronic. It’s the way of the future.

Author: pandabrett

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