Second Secret Message: SOLVED!


We like to play games. Sometimes that is easy to see, and sometimes…sometimes we hide things.

A while back we announced that someone had solved the FIRST secret message that lay hidden in the pages of Dungeon Crawl Classics. Shortly after, we hinted, rather strongly, that there was at least one more secret message to be found. We even gave you a hint: acrostic. It was the word of the day.

And now we can tell you that the second message has also been solved. We had a flood of answers come to us in a very short period of time, and we’ve gone through and put them in order and are proud to announce that these are the first six people to get us the correct answer!

  • Joey Royale
  • Michael Bolam
  • Scott Hill
  • Joe Manley
  • Chris Hamilton
  • Mike Markey

There have been more since, but these were the first six wizards to cobble together the spell that gave them the correct answer. So, a big shout out of congratulations to these fine folks! Each of them can expect to find something showing up in the mail soon. What are we sending them? We aren’t saying. Not yet, anyway. (No, it’s not original art…sorry, guys.) We can say that they will be the first six people to be getting it, though.

Are there more puzzles? More secrets to be solved? That entirely depends on your point of view, I suppose.

We do like to play games….

Author: pandabrett

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