DCC Adventure “Temple Of The Hamster” Now On Sale!


Gird your loins! …there are hamsters about.

The folks at Vance Games have unleashed a horror unlike any other with the release of The Temple of the Hamsters.

TempleHamsterCoverLOGOThe town guard lies dead, their bellies overstuffed with grain. The children have gone missing. The town of Kamis lies in panic. They know the cause, but none of them are brave enough to face the terror they dare not name. Are your characters valiant enough to face off against the cute, fuzzy horrors that await?

Written byDaniel Vance, with art by Carmin Vance, Kevin Vecchi and Daniel Vance, The Temple of the Hamster is packed with hamster-style adventure. The adventure is promised to have 100% more hamster wheels and mayhem, all to make your adventurers brave the terrible traps and minions they must overcome before facing the dread peril at the heart of the temple. This level 3 adventure is 40 pages of absurdity guaranteed to entertain even the stoutest hamster hating heart.

If you feel that your adventures have been lacking in absurd fun, then you might want to check out Vance Games The Temple of the Hamster in our online store now!


Author: pandabrett

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