Three New DCC Zines in Our Online Store!


It’s a zine-y Sunday! We’ve got three brand new zines that have popped up in our online store! Whether you are looking for something a little nightmare inducing, something for the working class stiff, or some details on some familiar art, we’ve got options for you today!


Crawl-thulu Issue 1

The folks at Discerning Dhole Productions have created some DCC with a touch of old one. Welcome to Crawl-thulhu, where you will scour quaint, corrupt towns and forgotten catacomb for cults and monsters bent on the downfall of humanity; sacrifice your sanity to cast reality-bending spells that you were never meant to know; travel to strange, alien dimensions and planets; and put your body, mind, and very soul on the line to keep the Great Old Ones’ plans on hold so mankind can live another day.


Night Soil Issue 0

Two new publications have been unleashed by Inner Ham. First up is Night Soil Issue 0. Night Soil is a zine all about new features for your game. New spells, new monsters, new magic items, new dangers, and new discoveries. Everything in each issue is inspired by the ART in the DCC Rulebook, with a handy page reference so you can see what inspired each and every thing in the zine.

Working Class Alphabet v1.0

Working Class Alphabet

Inner Ham has also released the new Working Class Alphabet book. This new zine serves as a sneak-peek at their upcoming Class Alphabet book, presenting three new character classes. The Working Class Alphabet features the Hellfont, a warrior aligned to demonic powers, the Monster Trainer, who must capture all of them (and can then use them against their enemies), and the Stitch Golem, a character assembled from other people!

There you have it! Pop on over to our online store to check them out! And remember, we’ve got a great selection of Third Party Publisher product available from a wealth of publishers.


Author: pandabrett

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