Metamorphosis Alpha: Chronicles From The Warden 2 Now On Sale!


Deep in space lies a ship that has been traveling for years. It’s inhabitants awaken to discover that things have gone horribly wrong, and the paradise they expected is now tainted. This is the spaceship Warden. And these are its stories.

Metamorphosis Alpha: Chronicles of the Warden Volume Two is now available in our online store! Based on the role-playing game created by James Ward, this 600+ page collection of tales brings the plight of the doomed starship to life like never before. Fourteen stories that help bring the world of Metamorphosis Alpha alive. Led by James M. Ward, the game’s original creator, enjoy the adventures of the bold as they struggle to complete their quests to understand what their “world” is all about.

And don’t forget that Metamorphosis Alpha: Chronicles of the Warden Volume One is still available!

Written by: James M. Ward, Craig Martelle, Alex Bates, Scott Moon, Valerie Emerson, Stephen A. Lee, Bob Brinkman, Scott King, Christopher Clark, Craig J. Brain, E.E. Isherwood, Thomas J. Rock, Steve Peek, and Bill Patterson
Art by: Cover Art by Jeff Brown, Interior Art by Artem Shukayev

Check out Metamorphosis Alpha: Chronicles of the Warden Volume Two today!

Author: pandabrett

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