GAMA Trade Show Recap


This past week the GAMA Trade Show took over Reno, NV, and Goodman Games was there!

What is the GAMA Trade Show you ask? It’s the largest industry trade show in the United States, attended by more retailers than any other single show. It’s where we get a chance to show off our wares in front of retailers from all over the world, letting them learn about Dungeon Crawl Classics and everything else that we publish. Retailers and manufacturers share information, meet up for demos, and in general mingle and get to know each other and learn more about the industry as a whole.

Goodman Games spoke with hundreds of retailers, some fans and some new to us, and got to run DCC and MCC, as well as educate retailers through seminars and much more. We gave away free POP displays and showed off the product that they could carry at their store. And lots of retailers took us up on the opportunity! We signed up new stores throughout the show, from coast-to-coast and well beyond, and we cannot wait to see our product on their shelves!

We want to extend a thank you to every retailer who attended the show. It’s a great way for us to talk to the folks who support our industry on the ground level, get feedback, and share the love of DCC and all things Goodman.

As a consumer, you can help us as well! If your local store needs more information on Dungeon Crawl Classics or Goodman Games, have them get in touch with us! They can email us directly at and we’ll be happy to talk to them about the possibilities.

Now, let’s look at some pics from the show!

Author: pandabrett

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