Vintage Pulp Mags Back In Stock!


From Action Stories to Weird Tales, we’ve gotten in a huge restock on our Vintage Pulp Magazine collection!

Goodman Games prides itself on being an advocate of the pulp movement, and of the Appendix N authors in particular. As you probably know, Appendix N is the list of books that Gary Gygax read when he was creating D&D, and it’s the same list of books that Joseph Goodman read when he was creating DCC RPG. And now you can read some stories by Appendix N authors in the original published format within these classic pulp magazines! That’s why we try to keep a good stock on those classic reprints magazines in stock. And now is a great time to act!

You can find stories from Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, Leigh Brackett, Manly Wade Wellman, Gardner F. Fox, Jack Williamson, and many, many others. For fans of classic sword and sorcery—and pulp fiction in general—it doesn’t get much better than this.

Right now we have every title that we carry in stock! Get them now while you still can! There is no promise that these amazing reprint volumes will stay available forever.

Go visit our Appendix N reprint section today!


Author: pandabrett

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