Gamescience Dice Back In Stock – Plus the D100!


Who doesn’t love dice? You can never, ever have enough of them to satisfy that gamer urge to find the perfect one for the perfect situation.

And to that end, we have gotten a restock on some amazing dice. Our online store has gotten in a restock on the amazing Gamescience dice! These precision-crafted dice are great for DCC, and we’ve even added a couple of new options: the d7 and the d100!

The d100, sometimes called theĀ Zocchihedron after creator Lou Zocchi, is a single die to roll your percentile, but if you still want to buy two, we’re okay with that. We’ve got the d100 in four great colors: red, blue, black, and white.

And the d7 we now offer is the elusive version that contains pips, for those that prefer dots over numbers. Available in either black or white.

Head on over to our online store to stock up and get rolling!


Author: pandabrett

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