G.G. Joe Assemble! Now With Theme Song!

GG-Joe-UpdateG.G. Joe Assemble! Now With Theme Song!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the file cards and they’ve given you a better picture of who does all the fun work behind the scenes here at Goodman Games — Seasoned Combat Troops All!

The best part? We now have our very own G.G. Joe theme song, performed and perfected by our own musical maven and audacious audiophile Bob Brinkman. Check it out in the player below, or download the lyrics right here.

The second-best part?
There are still more G.G. Joe cards to come! The veterans under Central Command (a.k.a. The Dark Master) are many and manifold. Stay tuned next week for even more cards. Meanwhile, here’s a list of ALL the cards to-date if you want to click through all the fabulous featured folks so far. Oh and there is Gary Con coming up, so come meet a lot of G.G. Joe personnel in person!

G.G. Joe Cards

The Dark Master | Ambassador from North Kovacistan | One More Week | Rat-Snake-Eyes | Space Wizard | Warehouse Yeti  | Beast Mode | Chromedome | Coyote | Musk Goblin | TACO | Link Boy | Chief Madling | Statblock | Scriptwreck | The Reverend | Old School | Nuclear Redactor | Red Pen | Hack Adventure Writer


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