G.G. Joe File Cards Starter Set!

Yo, Joe! And everyone else not named Joe, too!

There are a LOT of names that float around at Goodman Games. Enough that you might not be able to keep track of them in your head. So, we decided it was high time that you got a glimpse into the crew that actually moves things behind the scenes, keeping Goodman…good.

Like most things from we produce, there’s a bit of an old-school touch to it. If you are a child of the 80’s—or maybe even well after, considering the popularity—you might recognize this format. We couldn’t help ourselves (but we can give a big thanks to Larry Hama for creating the original cards for another well-known product line!).

We’ll be rolling out these in several waves, revealing names and faces in small doses rather than all at once. For now, we proudly unveil THE G.G. JOE FILE CARDS!







Look for more cards soon! Collect them all! And if you want to know more about Goodman Games, always remember that we have our own About Us page, too!

Yo, JOE…Goodman!


Author: pandabrett

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