It’s Alive…ALIVE: An MCC Update!


Something showed up in the mail. And that something harkens to exciting times here in the post-apocalypse!

We have a Mutant Crawl Classics update! Lots of news to discuss and information to convey. So, let’s get right to it!

Physical Samples

MCC RPG exists! We recently received the first batch of advance samples. Below are the first pictures of those books. And if the pictures don’t convey this enough, it looks awesome!

Please note – the bulk production is still on another continent. What you see are advance samples. Just because you see these photos, please don’t ask “Why didn’t I get mine yet?” There are exactly 3 copies of MCC RPG currently in existence in North America at this time, and this is what they look like:


Be sure to check out the full gallery of images at the bottom of this post!

Shipping Timeline

We’re never 100% certain of a timeline until “the books are on a boat.” At this time the books are manufactured but not yet on a boat. Once they’re on the boat, we’ll be able to provide a definite timeline. For now, best guess of delivery schedule is as follows:

UK and EU: There is a separate delivery going to our shipping partner in the UK for fulfilling UK/EU customers. These customers should see their copies arrive by late March.

USA: The first wave of product will likely arrive by late April, but there is a lot to send out, so shipping will likely start in May.

Other international: All other international will likely ship in early May.

Exciting times are ahead, folks! MCC RPG is right around the corner.

Now let’s look at those beautiful MCC pics!


Author: pandabrett

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