Vintage Dragon Magazine Free With Order From Our Online Store!

Dragon-magazinesWe’ve found ourselves in possession of a plethora of copies of the grand-daddy of RPG magazines, and we want to do something special with them. So, why not give them away?

For a limited time, every print order from our online store will have a free vintage issue of Dragon magazine shipped out along with it. This is a great way to immerse yourself in old-school gaming, showing you where many of the things that are now taken for granted originated. These classic magazines might give you fun ideas for your current adventure, whether it be monsters, settings, or whatever. The imagination on display throughout the run of Dragon is remarkable, and you can experience it—or re-experience it, as the case may be—with every order.*

*Fine print: offer only valid for print orders, and does not apply to Road Crew orders.

Head on over to our online store! It’s free magazine time!

Author: pandabrett

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