Roadworthy: Judge Roger of NY


Welcome to Roadworthy. Another of our Road Crew Judges gets a moment to shine. We hope that these profiles help provide insight into their personality and style, and maybe give up-and-coming Judges some advice on improving their game.

The Road Crew theme for 2018 is Strange New Worlds! Head out out to new, unique places to run games for willing participants. Get out there! Run some games at a sports stadium! Or on a boat! Or…wherever the urge takes you! Who knows, maybe we’ll take notice and put you up on our website. Jump on into the Road Crew program for your chance!

This time out we spotlight Judge Roger of NY!

Roadworthy: A Profile Of Judge Roger

FB_IMG_1516828289424What’s your name, where do you live (and game), and how would you describe yourself?

My name is Roger Rebisz, I live in Utica NY. Often I game at my house, but when I run a public game it’s usually at Cloud Giant (in nearby New Hartford, NY). I try to be very open and fair to my players, and I’m always up for new gaming experiences. I love hanging out playing RPGs or board games. My friends would say I’m very smart, have an off-beat sense of humor, and talk a lot.

(I would also LOVE to see Brendan Lasalle play in one of my games!)

How did you first discover DCC?

I fell in love with the old 3.5 DCC modules, and knew I needed to take a look when the DCC system was released!

As of “right now,” how many Road Crew games have you run in 2017?

In 2017 I got about 11 public sessions in, but think I only reported 9. This year, I’m going to push for 13 or more. (I really want that name plaque!)

What’s your favorite Road Crew game experience so far?

I honestly cannot pick a specific moment, all of the sessions were great! I really enjoy just running whatever suits the mood or the players, Xmas themed, Stormtroopers, weird time shifted places, modern, etc. In February, I plan on running a 1920’s Valentines Day themed funnel, what could possibly go wrong there?

FB_IMG_1516828317766Tell us where you run your Road Crew games.

Cloud Giant
8469 Seneca Turnpike, Suite 100
New Hartford, NY 13413

What advice would you give to other Road Crew judges?

Just jump in and have fun! Whenever the players ask if they can do something, just say YES! Don’t get too bound up by rules and looking things up, just make a call that makes sense and keep the game moving.

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