Metamorphosis Alpha Deluxe Oversized Edition Almost Sold Out!


If you missed the 2014 Kickstarter and have been waiting for a chance to buy the Metamorphosis Alpha Deluxe Edition, you better act fast.

The leather-bound edition is now sold out, and we are down to a handful of copies of the color-cover and gold foil editions. We are talking about the massive, oversized volume that contains not just the full text of all the original Metamorphosis Alpha, but also tons of material that has never been printed before. This is a 136-page compilation of the original 1976 edition of Metamorphosis Alpha, plus the supporting articles from Dragon magazine, introductions by Tim Kask and Jon Peterson, all-new monsters and NPCs by James M. Ward, and new adventure modules by James M. Ward, Michael Curtis, and Jobe Bittman. It also features the very first publication ever of Mr. Ward’s original playtest notes (from games with Gary Gygax and Brian Blume, no less!) for the 1976 edition of the world’s most first science fiction RPG!

This is not the same book as the smaller softcover edition, to be clear. That book contains the original Metamorphosis Alpha, but you cannot get all of the extra material anywhere outside of this book. And we are almost out of it! If you are a fan of Metamorphosis Alpha or old RPGS—or just great games in general—this might be your last chance to get your hands on a copy.

And, if you order a gold foil edition, the last few that we have are actually leftovers from the Kickstarter. This means you might get lucky and snag a copy that also has the shipping carton and/or the color presentation box that were originally KS exclusives! (No guarantees, this is a totally random thing.)

Act now! Supplies are limited! And other phrases like that! (Seriously, supplies are limited. Do act fast.)


Author: pandabrett

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