Tales From the Magician’s Skull PDF Delivered on Kickstarter!


We have received a new missive from The Skull!

His devout followers on Kickstarter have beenĀ granted access to an electronic-format version of the first issue of Tales From the Magician’s Skull! This PDF copy is available to everyone who pledged for it on Kickstarter, and is the full, final version of the first issue of the magazine as it will appear in print. If you are a Kickstarter backer and were not aware of your new gift, you can see all of the details in the latest Kickstarter Update.

For all of you who are awaiting the first issue who were not a Kickstarter participant, it is now at the printer! The release date will be officially announced soon. And if you are curious about the PDF version of the first issue and its availability for non-Kickstarter folks, it will be released at the same time as the print edition. You can pre-order the print edition now at our online store!

All of The Skull’s devotees can rejoice! And his soon-to-be acolytes can look forward to his gifts arriving soon!



Author: pandabrett

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