The New Year Is A Great Time For Evil


Do you know what happens tomorrow? What that means? Go ahead, look at the calendar, we can wait….

That’s right! Tomorrow is the last chance for you to run a Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure in 2017! And we have the perfect adventure for you to run: DCC Xcrawl: New Year’s Evil! Our new holiday-themed adventure is perfect to ring in the new year, as the adventure itself is set on New Year’s Eve!

Strange things are afoot in Toronto! The spirit of the New Year is driving the Gods to drink, whipping the fans into a frenzy, and inspiring the staff to start the party before the team even makes it to the green room! Can a low-level squad, faced with shady jousters, wet jesters, hell pugs, and cubical zombies – not to mention poetry, puzzles, and traps galore – survive to ring in the New Year? And will the sponsors still pick up the tab now that the dungeon has gone mad?

You can buy the adventure today, download the PDF, and have the print version on its way to you in the new year! It’s a win-win! You get to play now and get new goodies for the new year!

Have an evil …er, happy new year!


Author: pandabrett

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