Year in Review: A Whole Lot of Cons


It’s easy to say that 2017 was a busy year for Goodman Games. It would also be a bit of an understatement.

In 2017, Goodman Games attended more cons and events than ever before. All in all, we were at over 20 events, where we met our fans, sold some stuff, and rolled a lot of dice. You can read about all of them at our Con and Store Recap page (always accessible from the “Home” pulldown menu if you want to keep track during the year), but let’s hit a few of the highlights here.

  • The year kicked off with WinterCon, where Judge Brendan (who is a road warrior!) entertained the folks in and around Detroit.
  • Goodman made a big showing at DunDraCon in California, where even The Dark Master himself made an appearance!
  • The Gulf Coast saw us show up at CoastCon for the second time, where Judge Brendan and the Goodman Booth Crew made the scene—and the news!
  • One of the biggest shows of the year for us, every year, was next in line as Goodman invaded GaryCon! Strongman contests and big announcements were the story at one of our favorite Cons!
  • Indianapolis’ other gaming con saw Judge Dieter visiting at WhosYerCon! Lots of dice and lots of fun carried the day, and left everyone with a huge smile on their face.
  • Judge Brendan was again on hand at the first of three Drinking and Dragons events in New London, CT. These charity events are always a blast, and we are proud to be participants at them.
  • There are two great shows in Madison, WI, and the first one is Odyssey Con! Judge Brendan was on hand to show off DCC and keep the gamers laughing, even as their characters learned of mortality and the fickle quality of the die roll.
  • For the first time, Goodman Games set up at an Anime convention, and an Atlanta convention! MomoCon was a warm and welcoming show, and we can’t wait to come back in 2018! Yattaaaaaa!
  • One of the shows we love was once again a great event, as North Texas RPG Con was an amazing event. Plus, fans got to see the debut of Mutant Crawl Classics at that show!
  • Goodman Games was back at one of the largest gaming cons in the US, Origins Game Fair! Columbus, OH welcomed in Judge Brendan (that name keeps popping up!) along with our Booth Crew, and great fun was had by all! Wait until you see the 2018 version! (That’s a tease, btw….)
  • The invasion of Kentucky was highlighted by the Slur Your Roll event in Louisville, where we helped to raise money for charity! We also made an appearance at the GameScience HQ, where fans got to see more dice than they ever imagined—and they can imagine an awful lot.
  • After that, Goodman was back for the second Drinking and Dragons! Judge Brendan was on hand to debut Xcrawl: Providence and help raise more money for charity.
  • Then it was the big one. Gen Con 2017 was a huge event, where practically the entire Goodman Games staff was on hand. Not to mention our huge DCC Tournament featuring The Gong Of Doom! In fact, this show is so big, it has its own page!
  • GrandCon was next on the list, where Judge Brendan brought the Goodman style to the show. Fans of all ages got to witness first-hand the die-rolling epic-ness of gaming, DCC style!
  • The final quarter of the year kicked off with RinCon. The American Southwest was wonderfully welcoming for Judge Brendan and the Goodman staff!
  • Spokane, WA is the home of Fan Nexus, which was the next stop of our massive con tour. Plenty of gaming was in store, including Judge Brendan participating in his first Celebrity Role-Playing Game session!
  • The third Drinking and Dragons event of the year was another huge success, and Judge Brendan once more made the scene, helping to raise more money for charity.
  • One of Goodman Games’ favorite cons, GameHole Con, was amazing. We got to hand out this year’s Rodneys Award, meet old and new fans alike, and run more events than we can count. What a show!
  • Both of the final shows in the US for 2017 took place in Pennsylvania, starting with Mepacon. Scranton, PA welcomed in Judge Brendan (how many shows did this guy do?!) and put on a brilliant event.
  • The convention seasoned ended on a great note with Goodman Games being on hand for the first-ever Pax Unplugged! This show met and exceeded all expectations, with our Booth Crew showing up to spread the love of Goodman to the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA!
  • There was one final show that featured something special for Goodman Games. The Rolea Convention in Spain awarded Clásicos del Mazmorreo (the Spanish version of Dungeon Crawl Classics) the “Rolea 2017 game of the year” award! A huge congratulations goes out to our sister company, Other Selves, for winning the award!

What a huge year! This was our biggest year ever, and it was just a warm-up. In 2018, Goodman Games is going to be everywhere. Be sure to check out our 2018 Convention Schedule to see the current list of shows!

A huge thanks to everyone who attended the shows and all the staff who put them together. Cons are a huge part of our world, and you guys make it a joy for everyone involved.

Author: pandabrett

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