Last Call for Road Crew!


We are down to the wire. One week remains, and if you want to get your woodgrain name badge, we need you to send in all of your events! You need a total of 13 events for Road Crew 2017 to qualify for the woodgrain badge (which will be shipping in early 2018, for all of you have already sent in your totals), and this is the last week to get those events registered.

And don’t stop just because the year is ending! We’ve got some big plans for the Road Crew in 2018, and you’re going to want to have those events under your belt when we announce the theme and awards for the coming year. All of the official announcements for the 2018 Road Crew will be coming up soon, but don’t wait!

The Road Crew keeps rolling along! Get those 2017 events in now, and get your 2018 events revved up for the coming year!


Author: pandabrett

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